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This three manual instrument, consisting of 40 ranks disposed over 43 stops, is based on the church's original 1968 Reuter two manual instrument. All of the pipework was originally enclosed in a chamber and spoke primarily into the Chancel, which did not give the congregation the full benefit of the sound produced.

It was the organist's desire to alleviate these deficiencies, as well as to expand the versatility of the instrument to enable performance of a wider range of literature thus, a three year project was begun. Administrative approval of the project, planned jointly by the Board of Trustees and the Memorial Committee with the support of the Worship Committee. Administrative approval of the project was received in May, 1981.

To accomplish these goals, new windchests were placed in an exposed position on either side of the Chancel to accommodate the additions. The revised Great Division is positioned on the right side of the Chancel, while the newly created Positiv Division occupied the opposite site. The Principals of the Great Division are exposed on these new windchests, while the flutes and Erzähler remained enclosed. Other stops were added throughout the Divisions as noted in the specification. The Pedal Posaune is also mounted in an exposed position in the front of the Chancel divided diatonically between the Positiv and Great chests. The balance of the Pedal and the Swell remain enclosed.

The instrument incorporates Electro-pneumatic Key and Stop action. Schneider Pipe Organs, Inc. handled some of the technical aspects including the tonal engineering, voicing of new pipework, re-voicing of used existing stops, and supplying all required chests for the additions. The organist of the church, Mr. David J. Knippel, was responsible for the specification as well as the installation design and work. When the installation was complete, the final tonal finish ng of the instrument was carried out by Richard Schneider and David Knippel, assisted by Eugene Nelson from the church.

The Dedicatory Recital was played by David J. Knippel on October 21, 1984.
Boone, Iowa
OPUS XII, 1984
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